For the 5th Erotic Festival of Lisbon we had a team of 8 girls! for the "Lesbian Shows" the czech super models Tea and Billy Raise. our strippers Helena, Julia and Alessa from Estonia. Romina from Brazil and the portuguese Daniela and our erotic belly dancer from Latvia, Ilaya. We had a lot of fun as always. From my point of view this was the Festival that was better organized and the one that had more content and more stars specially coming from the Czech Republic but to be honest I think this one was the Festival in Lisbon with less visitors ever. Blame it to the crisis! Hope next year will be better!


Exotic Angels Stand:

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Our Girls:
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Ilaya & Helena Daniela Daniela Julia Romina
siel2009019.JPG siel2009002.JPG siel2009021.JPG siel2009020.JPG siel2009015.JPG
Tea & Billy Raise Julia Alissa Tea & Billy Ilaya & Alissa

With our fans & friends:

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