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Why work with us?:

1.- We are a real strip club agency and you will meet us in person.
2.- We send you to the club you want and not to the club that is good for us.
3.- Every time you travel with us, Exotic Angels provides you with a health, accident and life insurance during the term of the contract.
4.- We can help you with the flight tickets if you don't have a credit card. We will always be looking after you, from the time you go out from your house until the time you are back.

Strip Club in Geneva - Switzerland


Open for more than 15 years, this is the best club in Geneva.


Theres a legal contract to work in this club with taxes, social security and all details necessary to work in Switzerland. The contract must start on the 1st day of the month you want to work in and the lenght will be minimum for one month.

Salary is 5000CHF per month. (Around 4900 Euros) but after taxes you will get just the half of it.

STAGE SHOWS  are in Topless Only.
Dancers will go on stage on average between 3 and 5 times per night.

There are not table or private dances!

Drinks start at 55CHF and go up to 3000CHF (dancers get 20% of all drinks).

Apartment is for free and every girl stays in a single room.

For all the rules, information and contracts please contact Oscar on

Map taken from lonelyplanet.com

OFFICIAL NAME: Swiss Confederation
AREA: 41,293 Sq Km (15,943 Sq Mi)


LOCATION & GEOGRAPHY: Switzerland is a landlocked country in West Central Europe. It is bound by Liechtenstein and Austria to the east, Italy to the south, France to the west and Germany to the north. Of the country's land area, 20% is urban and 3% is inland water. Additionally, the Alps and the pre-Alps regions account for 60% of the land area, the central plateau or Mittelland accounts for 30% and the Jura Mountains for another 10%. The Alps Mountain Chain runs through the southern half of the country from east to west and is divided by the Rhone, Reuss, Ticino and Upper Rhine River Valleys. The Jura Mountains are an out spur of the Alps running from the southwest to the northwest of the country. The central plateau lies between the two main ranges and is watered by the Aare River and fringed by great lakes. The Rhine River drains 68% of the country while the Rhone and its tributaries drains around 28%. Major Cities (pop. est.); Zurich 940,200 Basel 406,400, Geneva 424,000, Berne 332,500 (1990). Land Use; forested 32%, pastures 28%, agricultural-cultivated 12%, other 28% (1992).

CLIMATE: Switzerland has a temperate climate with conditions that vary with relief and altitude. Summers are generally warm with average annual precipitation varying from 600 mm to 2,000 mm (24 to 79 inches) depending on the region while winters are characterized by clear skies, although the central plateau experiences persistent cloud. Average temperature ranges in Zurich are from -3 to 2 degrees Celsius (27 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit) in January to 13 to 24 degrees Celsius (55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit) in July.


CURRENCY: The official currency is the Franc (
CHF) divided into 100 Centimes.


All our models are 18 y.o. or older. The pictures are property of the own models. Exotic Angels only and just recruits and represents models and dancers.
Exotic Angels is not an employer only in Portuguese territory.  We don't support or encourage the illegal immigration.
Our customers (strip clubs, producers and photographers), our models and our dancers are totally responsible of all their legal documents, visas and work permits.