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Why work with us?:

1.- We are a real strip club agency and you will meet us in person.
2.- We send you to the club you want and not to the club that is good for us.
3.- Every time you travel with us, Exotic Angels provides you with a health, accident and life insurance during the term of the contract.
4.- We can help you with the flight tickets if you don't have a credit card. We will always be looking after you, from the time you go out from your house until the time you are back.

Strip Club in Cape Town - South Africa



This club is the only establishment of its kind in South Africa to have been awarded 180 Government approved work permits for dancers. It has been awarded these permits through maintaining high standards within its business.

Working hours:
Mon Thurs, Saturday: 19H00 - 04H00
Friday: 13H00 04H00 

Stage show is Topless and one full nude performance on the hour (Fantasy Show)

dancers perform +- 5 times per night 3 songs per show.

Dress code: Ranging from seductive lingerie, evening wear to fantasy wear.

Table Dance is R250 for 2 songs of which R200 the dancer keeps and the club gets R50.

Table Dance is up to 5 guys and any additional guy or song is R50 which the girl will keep and maximum of 2 extra songs.

Private Dance / Lap Dance is R400 for 3 songs of which R300 the girl keeps and R100 the club gets. any additional song is R50 which the girl will keep and maximum of 2 songs.

Private Dance / Touch Dance is R650 for 3 songs of which R500 the girl keeps and R150 the club gets. No additional songs allowed.

Drinks range from Hot beverages, soft drinks, wines, shooters, cocktails, spirits to Champagnes. The dancer is not required to drink alcohol. Commission and incentives are paid for Champagne sales as well as Cocktail sales.

Accommodation is provided for R500 per week.

Transportation is provided at R200 per week.

Airfare can be advanced to the dancer.

We offer security and safe and secure environment to the girls and would like to offer them a 3 month contract. Working visas can be arrange at a fee cost to the dancers.

Map taken from lonelyplanet.com


About the Country:


OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of South Africa
CAPITAL: Pretoria
SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT: Multiparty Republic
AREA: 1,221,042 Sq Km (471,447 Sq Mi)

LOCATION & GEOGRAPHY: South Africa is located at the southern end of the African Continent. It is bound by the Namibia to the northwest, Botswana to the north, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland to the northeast, the Indian Ocean to the east and southeast and the Atlantic Ocean to the southwest and west. Geographically, the country contains a broad centrally depressed plateau as well as a continuous series of mountain ranges known as the Great Escarpment that ring the interior plateau. Inland from the Great Escarpment the central plateau, which comprises the Kalahari Basin, consists of rolling plains that drop to the center and northern interior. The Great Escarpment runs almost continuously unbroken from the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe around the continent's southern edge and arcs northward through Namibia. The principal river is the Orange with its tributaries the Vaal and Caledon. Major Cities (pop. est.); Cape Town 2,350,200, Johannesburg 1,916,100, Durban 1,137,400, Pretoria 1,080,200 (1991). Land Use; forested 7%, pastures 66%, agricultural-cultivated 11%, other 16% (1993).

CLIMATE: South Africa has a temperate climate that is influenced by the warm Agulhas current from Mozambique as well as the Indian Ocean to the east and the cold Benguela current from the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast. Most rainfall occurs as a result of moist warm Indian Ocean air currents while distribution decreases from east to west. Average annual precipitation varies from 400 mm (16 inches) in the east to less than 50 mm (2 inches) in the northwest coastal regions. Average annual precipitation in Cape Town is 510 mm (20 inches) and average temperature ranges are from 9 to 17 degrees Celsius (48 to 63 degrees Fahrenheit) in July to 16 to 27 degrees Celsius (61 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit) in February.

The official currency is the Rand (R) divided into 100 Cents.

Gross National Product; USD $118,961,000,000 (1994). Public Debt; USD $2,274,000,000 (1994). Imports; R 59,073,000,000 (1993). Exports; R 79,482,000,000 (1993). Tourism Receipts; USD $1,190,000,000 (1993). Balance of Trade; R 10,786,000,000 (1994). Economically Active Population; 14,297,048 or 35.3% of total population (1994). Unemployed; 32.6% (1994).












All our models are 18 y.o. or older. The pictures are property of the own models. Exotic Angels only and just recruits and represents models and dancers.
Exotic Angels is not an employer only in Portuguese territory.  We don't support or encourage the illegal immigration.
Our customers (strip clubs, producers and photographers), our models and our dancers are totally responsible of all their legal documents, visas and work permits.