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Why work with us?:

1.- We are a real strip club agency and you will meet us in person.
2.- We send you to the club you want and not to the club that is good for us.
3.- Every time you travel with us, Exotic Angels provides you with a health, accident and life insurance during the term of the contract.
4.- We can help you with the flight tickets if you don't have a credit card. We will always be looking after you, from the time you go out from your house until the time you are back.

Strip Club in Sint Maarten - Antilles




This contract is minimum for 3 MONTHS!

- Working hours:22:00pm till 05:00(some times a little later)
- Free accommodation and Free transportation to the club.
- Maximum 25 dancers work at this club
- Topless Stage show
- Dancers perform 4/5 times a night. 2-3 minutes each show
- There is not basic salary
- Dress code is elegant
- There are not table dances
- Private dances are nude and cost $30.00 each song. Girls get 22.
- Dancers get 20% of the drinks they sell.

- The dancer gets $500.00 for her flight ticket at the end of the contract.
- Working Visa provided

We need these documents from each dancer:

        police record

        birth certificate

        medical test

        copy of passport

        four ID photos

We require these documents translated into English. The changes in the conditions of work are due to the expenses of the work permits. The work permit takes 2-3 weeks to process.

Map taken from lonelyplanet.com


About the Country:


OFFICIAL NAME: Netherlands Antilles 
CAPITAL: Willemstad
SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT: Overseas Territory of the Netherlands
AREA: 1,020 Sq Km (394 Sq Mi) 



LOCATION & GEOGRAPHY: The Netherlands Antilles consists of two groups of islands in the Caribbean Sea. The leeward group of islands are Curacao and Bonaire while the windward group of islands are St. Martin, St. Eustatius and Saba. Curacao which is composed of coralline limestone is a low hilly island of volcanic origin with little vegetation. There are no permanent rivers on any of the islands. Major Cities; Willemstad 125,000 (1985). Land Use; agricultural-cultivated 8%, other 92% (1989).


CLIMATE: The Netherlands Antilles has a tropical maritime climate. Average annual precipitation is 560 mm (22 inches ) on the leeward group of islands and 1,000 mm (39 inches) on the windward group of islands. There is also a short rainy season from October to January. Average temperature ranges are from 24 degrees Celsius (76 degrees Fahrenheit) to 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) all year.


CURRENCY: The official currency is the Antillean Guilder (NAG) divided into 100 Cents.



All our models are 18 y.o. or older. The pictures are property of the own models. Exotic Angels only and just recruits and represents models and dancers.
Exotic Angels is not an employer only in Portuguese territory.  We don't support or encourage the illegal immigration.
Our customers (strip clubs, producers and photographers), our models and our dancers are totally responsible of all their legal documents, visas and work permits.