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Why work with us?:

1.- We are a real strip club agency and you will meet us in person.
2.- We send you to the club you want and not to the club that is good for us.
3.- Every time you travel with us, Exotic Angels provides you with a health, accident and life insurance during the term of the contract.
4.- We can help you with the flight tickets if you don't have a credit card. We will always be looking after you, from the time you go out from your house until the time you are back.

Strip Club in Helsinki - Finland


Every booked dancers has to buy tickets as soon as possible and send copy to us via email. Then we can confirm and add you to our calendar! We are not given any guaranty for your booking till we get the copy of travel tickets.

Club offers to dancers two options and after one week she can choose fixed salary with consummation 15% or no fix salary with consummation of 30%.

Dancer are allowed to keep 100% of their tips, which is usual about 20-80 per night.

 EARNINGS FROM DRINKS: Dancers receive 30% ( ore 15 % if dancers choose  50 per day fix salary ) from drinks: Glass of wine:35, small bottle piccolo 45, Bottle of sparkling wine: 160-200-245, Moet: 330 + table dance (only topless) Dom Perignon: 790 + table dance (topless) Champagne prices go until 5000

 STAGE SHOW: 38  times per night, topless only.

 DANCE DRESS CODE: Sexy Night dress or lingerie, but dancers must look sexy.

 ACCOMMODATION: Club provides fully furnished apartment, with free internet, for 60 per week, Dancers must bring only own bed sheets and blanket cover sheet.

 AIR FARES: Dancers must pay for their own travel expenses.

 LENGHT OF CONTRACT: The contract length is for a minimum 23 weeks. With the possibility of extension.

 Salary & earnings: will be paid at the end of contract. For the first time workers payment will be done in cash but If it's too high earning, half of it goes to dancer's bank account.

 Average earning  with 30%  options is 750-3000 per week, also is depends of dancer experience and working performance.

 MORE ABOUT THE CLUB AND COMPANY: Club is located in city centre of Helsinki and is the most popular Striptease Club in Finland. It has been ranked in the top ten clubs in Europe. Dancers are expected to work 7 days per week. (possible to take a night off after two weeks.

Mostly of all dancers in the club are from Europe and Baltic states. Dancers must know English language.  Every night working 6-9 dancer in the club. Stage dance is 2 songs (minimum a 7 minutes show).

                      Map taken from lonelyplanet.com

OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Finland
CAPITAL: Helsinki
SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT: Multiparty Republic
AREA: 338,142 Sq Km (130,557 Sq Mi)

LOCATION & GEOGRAPHY: Finland is located in North Europe. It is bound by Russia to the east, the Gulf of Finland to the south, the Gulf of Bothnia and Sweden to the west and Norway to the north. Finland is a low lying plateau formed by glaciers, which have scoured the land leaving deposits of gravel, sand and clay. Most of the mountains have rounded ridge tops and more than 50% of eastern Finland is hilly. There are over 55,000 lakes, which are dominated by long sinuous esker ridges such as the Punkaharju, Pyynikki and Pulkkila. Forests cover 65% of the land area with pine, spruce and birch trees in the northern coniferous zone while the southwest coast and the archipelago are in the continental European oak zone and Lapland is in the Arctic-Alpine zone. Off the southwest coast lies Saaristomeri which is the country's largest archipelago with over 17,000 islands and skerries. The principal rivers are the Tornionjoki and Kemi which flow south to the Gulf of Bothnia as well as the Oulu River which also flows to the Gulf of Bothnia through the center of the country. Major Cities (pop. est.); Helsinki 515,800, Espoo 186,500, Tampere 179,300, Vantaa 164,400, Turku 162,400 (1994). Land Use; forested 76%, pastures 0.5%, agricultural-cultivated 8%, other 15.5% (1993).


All our models are 18 y.o. or older. The pictures are property of the own models. Exotic Angels only and just recruits and represents models and dancers.
Exotic Angels is not an employer only in Portuguese territory.  We don't support or encourage the illegal immigration.
Our customers (strip clubs, producers and photographers), our models and our dancers are totally responsible of all their legal documents, visas and work permits.